It is illegal to apply pesticides for hire without a license. The NY State DEC regulates pesticide use in New York. Pesticides include weed killers, insect killers and fungicides. The DEC provides licensed companies with triangle-shaped colored stickers to be affixed to their vehicles. The triangle color changes yearly . They also provide certified pesticide applicators with licenses that look like a driver’s license.Certified pesticide applicators take 30hr classes, work as apprentices, and pass certification tests. Then continuously take more classes and pass re-certification tests. There is a lot of material to learn and understand concerning pesticide safety, chemistry, and use. Trust me, you don’t want someone who is unlicensed spraying the area around your home with potentially hazardous chemicals if they do not have the proper credentials and education. If they do not care enough to follow the law, why would they care about you or your property? Ask to see a pesticide applicator’s license when looking for a lawn care company. They look like a NYS driver’s license. If they don’t have one, don’t hire them.

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